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Gravity conveyor specifications

Gravity roller conveyors are the most basic, lowest cost conveyor option available.

gravity roller conveyorWithout a motor, the rollers run freely and the conveyor transports products that are either pushed or move by gravity because the roller conveyor is on an incline.
No power is required. Full or part width roller and skate wheel options.
Steel or plastic rollers can be set at a pitch to suit your loading requirements.

Common roller diameters available:
Steel: 35, 50, & 60mm.
Plastic: 40 & 50mm.
Roller pitch: 37.5, 75, 112.5 & 150mm depending on the loading on the rollers.

Frame widths: Standards range from 150mm to 1,500mm.
Lift up gates, and bends available.
Construction materials (frame): Mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel options.

Gravity conveyorsA wide range of roller diameters are available depending on the product being conveyed. Standard is usually 40 to 50mm dia.

For special applications where small parts are being conveyed, or where the product being conveyed warrants it, the roller size and the pitch can be greatly reduced to offer an almost flat conveying area.

You can also stretch the roller spacing or "Pitch" for larger products, thereby reducing the amount of rollers in contact with the product and thereby also reducing the price. Caution is needed however because the weight capacity of the rollers needs to be taken into account.

The stand systems for these conveyors are usually adjustable in height so that in some cases an incline can assist the smooth movement of the product on the conveyor.

Steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel aluminium and plastic rollers available depending on application. A wide range of width and length options are possible dependent on product being conveyed.

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